Food, yoga, creativity and making health easier no matter what your age or size, ability or challenge, is my life’s work.

Hi I’m Annie B Kay

Annie B. Kay, MS, RDN, C-IAYT. Those are the credentials from my bagful that I use most. I am a holistic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Licensed in MA, certified yoga therapist (I’m a master yoga teacher at the E-500 RYT level also certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapy).  I use yoga and other wisdom traditions (I’ve studied Ayurveda and shamanic plant medicine) therapeutically within my licensed practice.

I’m a science nerd, data and evidence driven, but I’ve also witnessed the healing power of grace. I know that life is filled with mystery. That’s what makes healing so life-defining. I have seen people in their teens, 50’s and their 80’s dramatically heal in different ways.

Annie B Kay

I live in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts with my surfer husband and 3 gorgeous girly cats. In addition to writing, speaking, and teaching, I’m a home chef, gardener, knitter and poet dedicated to creativity, service, and fun.

My favorite topic is lifestyle as a spiritual path to wholeness. I am fascinated by the interface of science, consciousness and spirit. Having been navigating the profound transition of menopause, healthy aging is also much on my mind. 

My Writing & Teaching Story

When I wrote my first book, Every Bite Is Divine (2007), which tells the story of my own experience finding peace in the war on weight through yoga therapy on and off the mat, there wasn’t much science explaining what I was feeling as I practiced and meditated.

That has certainly changed!

The  literature on yoga has exploded, and that’s one reason why the American Diabetes Association asked me and my colleague, Dr. Lisa Nelson, to write Yoga & Diabetes (2015). It’s a beautiful full-color easy to use program that can help anyone with any type of diabetes begin a safe and effective practice that helps manage your blood sugars.

I was Lead Nutritionist at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, the largest yoga center in the country for seven years. I graduated from Cornell University (nutritional biochemistry) and Boston University (nutrition communication), have written for scientific journals and for the popular press including Yoga Journal and Eating Well, appeared on TV including CNN, and PBS, and speak across the country & internationally on women’s health and nutrition, mindful lifestyles, and connecting with nature for health.

Our Tribe

When you read my blog, listen in to a podcast, or receive my monthly newsletter, you join a group of smart and talented people looking for an honest exploration of the science and spirit of a well-integrated life.

We seek Balance – physical biochemical balance by knowing who we are, where we come from and what that means. Knowing what diet, movement, rest and choices work for your genetic inheritance is critical to being balanced in today’s chaotic world. We can do it.

We are seeking how to be Happy more of the time. Not Pollyanna smile-when-you-feel-like-crying happy. Nope. Authentically contented and appreciative of the full catastrophe, wonder, and happiness available in this amazing life.

We seek to appreciate being deeply Blessed and connected to those we love and the earth itself. We want to know our true nature and our place in the magnificent web of nature and life.

If that sounds like you or what you aspire to, welcome! From how to make a great dandelion pesto, to how to improve your level of physical activity even if you begin at level 0, to how and why to bring more nature into your life, this is your place for inquiry, inspiration, and fun.

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