If you know me, an herbal supplements & health products shop isn’t the first thing you think of. I’m well-known as a food-first holistic dietitian! Your nutritional well-being and the well-being of Gaia & all her inhabitants depends on each of us showing up to (in the words of Dean Ornish) eat well, move more, stress less, & love more.

Herbal and supplement support, however, when used thoughtfully, can be a powerful tool for rebalancing. It’s clear to me that those I serve need to easily find high-quality supplements. So here it is. The herbal supplements & health products shop!

Why Shop Here?

  • Excellent Herbal & Supplement Brands (including those listed below) 
  • 25% off everything you purchase 
    •  (Annie makes 10% of your purchases)
  • Free Shipping over $50.00

There are hundreds of brands in this shop, and I have identified the products I recommend most often. I use many of these products myself. In the shop, they are called “favorites”.

Brands I Trust & Recommend Include:

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Not sure which supplement is right for you?

Please note that just because a product is in my favorites does not mean it is good for you regardless of who you are or what your nutrition-related issue may be!

How do you find out the supplements best for you? Work with a qualified nutritionist. 

Make a free discovery call appointment with Annie (your qualified nutritionist!) now. 

I’m offering this dispensary & health products shop through Fullscript. They have a long track record of excellence, and the brands included are likewise excellent.

Not only can you get Ayurvedic herbal products and high-quality supplements, but also culinary teas & salts, health & beauty products, and herbal home cleaning products.

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