There’s just nothing better than a good book! For me, there’s also nothing better than writing from either my desk overlooking my heavenly yard, or from another equally lovely spot.

So far I have two book offerings and a professional CE course for nutritionists. May you enjoy these offerings, and please let me know how they land for you by reviewing on Amazon, Goodreads and elsewhere.

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Books for Help with Looming Medical Issues


Yoga and Diabetes: Your Guide to a Safe and Effective Practice


Yoga & Diabetes [American Diabetes Association, June 2015, $19.95 US / $24.99 CAN] is an accessible guide for individuals with diabetes who are interested in beginning or deepening a yoga practice. It provides tailored guidance to people with type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, and features 30 yoga postures and breathing exercises arranged into programs to suit every person’s individual needs.

“There are no prescriptions I can write with as much potential to transform quality of life for anyone with diabetes.” – Mark C. Pettus, MD, Author of The Savvy Patient

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Beautifully illustrated books! Lots of great info & the yoga experience has been wonderful! Definately recommend this book! I’ve found my teacher. 

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Sandra came to me tired, frustrated and scared. Now, she has the tools to move ahead in life & with her health.

Every Bite Is Divine: The Balanced Approach to Enjoying Eating, Feeling Healthy and Happy, and Getting to a Weight that’s Natural for You


Every Bite Is Divine [Life Arts Press, February 2007, $16.95 US] Inspires readers to find peace in the war on weight with yoga and  sensible nutrition. We each have a perfect natural weight and shape. By remembering how to care for ourselves lovingly, we allow ourselves to gracefully create our own unique and healthy body. Extreme crash diets are not in this picture. Through yoga and other methods of relaxation and rediscovering our personal self-care basics, we can find our true self. We can enjoy life – including eating as we love to – and reach a healthy contentment with our own reality even if it doesn’t match the picture popular culture sells.

  • Award winning finalist – Ben Franklin Awards, self-help category
  • Award winning finalist – Nautilus Awards for books on conscious living and positive social change 
  • Award winning finalist – USA Books, health 

“… a great book with which to start off the New Year. I learned a lot about myself while I was reading it and answering the questions that were put there for introspection….I really enjoyed an exercise that she includes that is titled: “Steps to Successful Lifestyle Manifestation.” I highly recommend that the reader completes this exercise. I really look forward to the positive changes that I see happening from reading “Every Bite is Divine.”” – Paige Lovitt, Reader Views 

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Kindle Edition


every bite is divine

For Nutrition Professionals


Yoga and Meditation: Tools for Weight Management

A book-length Continuing Education program for nutrition professionals.

This course reviews the science of the principles presented in Every Bite Is Divine, along with specific ideas on using yoga and meditation in your existing professional practice, with case studies. Third Edition, 2018.

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