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Clear, Recieve, Activate

Can you feel it? 

Sap wants to move, and seed & bulb so want to sprout. The Vernal (spring) equinox, when dark & light balance, is a moment of anticipation. This is a time of new life, hope, balance, and awakening. Here comes the growing season (in earth’s Northern Hemisphere). Let’s plant seeds of strength, wisdom, and heart’s desire for the season’s bounty. This is the time to practice your dance steps for 2023!

If you are ready – with support – to clean life up a bit, then join us for Clear & Renew.

Because you will be ready, stay for the Dandelion Initiation Ritual. 

This gathering aims to support & inspire you to get clear on your current state of well-being, forgive yourself for imperfection, receive the blessings of your life, and activate your next integrative step toward well-being.

What they say about Clear & Renew…

When I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, I knew Annie was the person I wanted to work with for support and solutions. Thyroid disease was unnerving to me. I was exhausted all the time, and still struggle with that. I knew I wanted a holistic approach to support my well-being and compliment conventional medicine. 

When I’m really following the program we developed, I feel great. I do get off-track when life gets busy, and that’s when I reach out to Annie for more support.

The Clear & Renew Program really helped me to re-establish habits that help.

Annie is so supportive and helpful. She provides guidance not only on food, but also yoga and other practices that support my health.

Millie J

AL, Millie and I have worked together over a number of years, and through several ups and downs. She's a healer in her own right, and that work in turn heals her, which is a wonder to behold.

Spring Dates

March 1 – April 15, 2023 Program Online Portal Open
March 12 – March 17 Clear & Renew Group Program
March 12, Sunday 5-7:30 PM EST Live Online Gatherings
March 14th Tuesday 5:00 – 7:30 PM
March 17 Friday 5:00 – 6:00 PM
March 17 – March 19 Dandelion Initiation Ritual Group Program
March 17 Friday 6:30 – 8:00 PM EST Live Online Gatherings
March 18 Saturday 10:00 – Noon
March 19 Sunday 10:00 – Noon


What’s a Dandelion Initiation Ritual?

After Clear & Renew, we will be ready to perform a special energetic Plant Initiation Ritual.  It involves guided imagery Shamanic journey to commune deeply with a plant and, nature herself.

Mightly Dandelion

Dandelion must be the most underappreciated plant on earth! Highly nutritious (kale’s got nothing on the mighty dandelion), and a powerful medicinal (liver & kidney support), it’s a bitter green that also feeds and supports the soil in which it grows. 

Both a sun and a moon plant, folk wisdom suggests dandelions connect heaven and earth and can help us to work with time (or, more accurately work outside of time). As a spirit medicine, dandelion can help you see your life through expanded awareness and equanimity, and awakening to new ways of seeing. 

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What’s Included?

Clear & Renew 

  • Two Personal Telehealth Sessions with Annie (one before the program begins, one after).
  • Orientation Video (20 minutes).
  • Program Guide pdf with exercises and journaling prompts.
  • Spring Meal Plan with a week of seasonal recipes, tips & elixir ideas.
  • 3 Live Groups Sessions for Clear & Renew (dates listed above).
  • A 3-session mini-course on Mindful Eating (30 minutes each, 3 handouts).
  • A 3-session mini-course on DIY Meal Plans & Supportive Structures (30 minutes each, 3 handouts).
  • 5 Gentle yet progressive yoga videos (45 minutes each) Additional goodies like meditations, inspirations, and bonuses.
  • Copies of all videos and materials for your own personal use.

You’ll also get:

  • A list of Amazon products (like teas, yoga gear, and books) that you may purchase that can enhance your experience.
  • A list of Botanical, Herbal and Nutritional Supplements that you may purchase that may enhance your experience.

After doing Clear & Renew, you will be SO READY for:

Dandelion Initiation Ritual

Here’s what is included:

  • A dandelion flower essence made with love by Annie sent to you.
  • 3 Live Online Group Sessions (listed above).
  • Program Guide with Journaling Prompts.
  •  Downloads of Program Shamanic Journeys for your personal use.

Continuing Education for Health & Yoga Professionals

  • Yoga Teachers can receive 28 CEs through the Yoga Alliance for the full program.
  • Dietitians can recieve 15.5 CEPs through the Commission on Dietetic Registration / AND.
  • We are seeking CEs through the IAYT for Yoga Therapists, and AND for Dietitians.

looking forward to seeing you there!

Annie Kay continuing education for yoga teachers

Tuition Investment

  • Tuition: $728.00
    • (2 Personal Sessions, Clear & Renew Program, Dandelion Initiation Ritual)
  • Have In-network Health Insurance? A portion of your tuition may be covered. 

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