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Savor & Enjoy!

If you want to eat well, but don’t, this practice can help.

This mindful eating mini-course aims to help you build awareness & acceptance of what is, Relationship with food, and Self-compassion. These mindset-oriented contemplative practices are the foundation of a mindful approach to shift toward eating well.

The program includes 3 self-study modules, each containing an approximately 30-minute video, and a handout with prompts to guide your practice.

To help you personalize and integrate the program, a two-session package with Annie is a great add-on.

Working personally with Annie will help you to understand the practice and how it can aid your nutrition and lifestyle choices. We’ll also brainstorm your next steps.

This add-on gives you two personal sessions with Annie (one 50 minute and one 30 minute follow-up). These sessions will help you prepare for the practice, understand it within your own personal relationship with food and your health/medical status, and find ways to stay motivated for success.


We begin by remembering how to slowly savor, tune into the sensory practice of eating, and noticing some of our own fascinating eating foibles. Breathe, relax, and here we go…


In the second module, we explore our relationships with food and how that shapes our eating habits. 


In the third module, we talk about self-compassion and why it is so important to integrate it into our eating habits.