Truly Nourished

High Impact Personalized

Lifestyle Coaching


Facing Looming Medical Issues?

Truly Nourished Holistic Lifestyle Program

…addresses your unique barriers to health:

inflammation, food-mood and/or metabolic (weight-related) imbalances.

Being – Truly Nourished – in mind & body

…is at its best both art & science.

Let’s begin where you are: your painful struggles, health history, food & movement preferences & personality. We’ll build on what you already do and use high-impact holistic tools to take your next skillful steps toward well-being.

Ready to be you, healthier & happier?

What they say…


I didn’t think I’d ever see normal blood pressure or normal blood sugar without medication ever again. Annie, thanks so much for your kind words and gentle nudges.

Sandra P

Northampton, MA, Sandra came to me tired, frustrated and scared. Now, she has the tools to move ahead in life & with her health.

We live in a high-stress junk-food world. If you haven’t been able to pull out of it yourself, you are not alone! Science shows us that people who have the support of a qualified pro do much better over time. 

We will work to clear and strengthen based on yoga’s multidimentional model: your physical, mental, energetic, emotional/wisdom and bliss/spiritual dimensions that make up the whole of you. 

Some holistic tools we’ll use to get there:

Truly nourished personal nutrition
Truly nourished mindful eating
Truly nourished gentle yoga
Flower essence Annie Kay

 I Look Forward to Working Together!

For over 30 years, I’ve helped thousands of women struggling with health issues a lot like yours – inflammatory pain & bloat, emotional eating, or metabolic (weight-related) issues like thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. I’ll help you appreciate your unique journey, take stock of your health, and take your next skillful step toward being you, happier, healthier & more deeply connected to nature & your own life.

Let’s do this!

What’s Included?




50 minute Initial Intake Session

2 additional- 50 minute Intensive Getting Started Sessions

3 – 25 minute Coaching Sessions

50 minute Wrap Session


Creation of Personal Food & Lifestyle Plan

Supportive Handouts Addressing Personal Nutrition Needs


3 – 30 minute Mindful Eating Interactive Video Sessions with Handouts


3 – 30 minute Menu Planning Interactive Video Sessions with Handouts


5 – 30-45 minute  Slow-Flow Gentle Clearing Yoga Videos


2 Custom Energy Medicine Formulations (when we begin and complete) for your Body, Life & Aims, Mailed to You with Instructions


25% off Herbal & Supplement Formulary

20% off Tuition for Group Programs, Including Clear & Renew, Tara Mantra for Empowered Change, and others

Weekly Review & Comment on Food & Lifestyle Journals

Private Messaging – Twice Weekly

What’s the Investment? Other Policy Details?


…is a 3-month premium personal program. Your tuition offers a 20% savings off individual program element purchase! That’s a $558.00 savings!

Tuition is  $2,227.00. for the program, personal sessions, handouts, videos and other matierals, and your personal plan.

A deposit ($325.00) is due at time of registration. The remainder of your investment can be made in 2 equal payments, 3 weeks apart.

Hey early birds! You will receive a $200 savings if you pay in full within a week of registering.

This program is eligible for use by Health Savings Accounts.

Some clients have been able to receive reimbursement through their health insurance for some or all of the individual sessions of this program.  I can supply you with a super-bill for your individual sessions, which contains the coding to make reimbursement of individual sessions easier.

Are you in the great state of MA? If Annie is in-network for your insurer, we can bill some of your tuition directly to your insurance provider, which make this a three-month subscription program. Your monthly subscription will be $90, and will include videos, mini-courses, a persoanl food & lifestyle plan, use and review of your food journal, and discounts to group programs offer through the year you sign up.

You have five months from the time of your first appointment to complete the program. No refunds are available once you begin the program.

Details & Policies

Attendance is limited based on my limited availability. Current wait time to begin is between 4-6 weeks, but can vary.

What will happen once I register?

Once you register, you will be asked to join Practice Better, a secure practice management & education platform. You will be asked to sign an agreement that outlines these understandings. You will also be informed of your rights to privacy in medical information – HIPAA – and agree to that. Lastly, you will fill out an intake form letting Annie know the details of you that we will be addressing.

Materials, videos, handouts and other items you receive are for your own personal and exclusive use. Please do not share your materials with others. If you know of someone who may benefit, please share this page or have them reach out to us!

What’s My Next Step?

Ready to go?

Use this button to make your deposit and get started. We will be in touch within 2 business days to set up your first appointment. Congratulations!

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We’re honored to help you take

your next skillful step.

 – Annie & the team