Equinox, Dandelion & Mother Tara

Yes, dear ones!

Our fall Clear & Renew sold out and was truly profound for me and those able to attend. Online programs are not quite like visiting a lovely retreat center, but they are the next best thing! I’ve found you get the same feeling, collective loving kindness and support from an online program. So, with new ideas, renewed energy and looking forward to the spring, I’m ready to host my next Clear & Renew adventure!

Spring Clear & Renew Will Explore:

Ritual time

The vernal (spring) equinox is March 20, 2022. It’s a time to shake off winter, lighten up and look forward to the expansive seasons to come. It’s an auspicious time to come together to clear, pause, move, meditate and connect. We’ll prepare for vernal equinox together by setting intention, then refreshing our diet, lifestyle and loving self-care.

Ritual plants 

Spring was made for bitter greens – the taste of clearing and toning. We’ll be celebrating them together and learning about the wisdom traditions of Ayurveda and Folk Herbalism as well as Western Science.  The amazing Dandelion sits in royalty at the table of spring bitter greens. Both a sun and a moon plant, dandelion reproduces two ways (seeds and taproot). The tough & humble dandelion covers the earth, blooms for one yellow day then spreads on, despite a war on them that will simply never be won. When you pull one, 3 pop up in its place. Dandelion greens are filled with nutrients – kale has nothing on the mighty dandelion when it comes to nutrient density.

We’ll celebrate dandelion and other wild and cultivated bitters though our diets (A Spring Food Guide is included), and dandelion will be featured in the weekend shamanic ritual.

Ritual goddess mantra empowerment

The third star of the show is Mother Tara. Tara is a bodhisattva (on the Buddhist path) goddess of compassion and action. We will learn about her in order to help us overcome our suffering for the benefit of all. Green Tara leads awakening, and her compatriots White Tara (healing), Red Tara (empowered action), and Golden Tara (abundance) provide a mantra collection that I’ve found are helpful nearly every day regardless of the challenge. Can’t wait to introduce them to you, and to share their loving presence & action!

Attendance will be limited, so reserve your seat early.

What’s included in Clear & Renew:

  • 2 Individual zoom sessions – one in the weeks before the program to help you get clear on your personal needs and intentions, and one after the program to help you integrate what you’ve learned.
  • A Program Guide pdf with exercises, daily writing prompts, space for journaling & notes.
  • A Spring Food Guide with eating tips, a vegan menu, recipes & shopping list.
  • 5 Live Community Group Sessions (Sun 3/13 5-8p, Wed 3/16 5-8p, Fri 3/18 5-8p, Sat 3/19 10-1p & Sun 3/20 10-1p).
  • Private Feed (chat) for attendees to share, report wins & support each other.
  • A 3-session self-guided Mindful Eating series (30 min ea)
  •  5 Slow flow yoga videos (45 min ea)
  • 4 Mother tara mantra slow flow yoga videos (45 min ea)
  • Gift box with ritual goodies sent to you.

Heard enough?

New This Spring: CEs & Professional Chats

For the Spring 2022 iteration, I’ll be seeking CEs for RDNs ( 6 or more), YA (for RYT yoga teachers) and C-IAYT (yoga therapists).

Health pros will take Clear & Renew for their personal benefit and integrative development. Your personal sessions, and the following additional programming will provide you a forum for clinical and practice discussions.

For professional development, in addition to the program above, you will receive:

  • 2 – 90 min Video Workshops on the science & practice of the program, including the anti-inflammatory diet invitation and personalization process, and addressing stressors through shamanic & folk herbalism, shamanic journey/guided imagery, and yoga therapy (mindfulness & mantra meditation).
  • 1 – 3 hr Live Group Session for professionals only. This will be an interactive summary and resource sharing, discussion, Q&A and professional visioning. This will take place the week after the active program – (Wed 3/23 5-8p).
  • List of Resources & Bibliography (expanded) 

Clear & Renew Dates, Policies, Tuition


The program portal will be open between March 1 and April 30, 2022.

Personal initial meeting will take place in the 2 weeks prior to the program (March 1-13ish) and wrap & integration personal sessions will take place in the 2 weeks after the program (March 21 – April 1ish).


Program materials (pdf and video) will be available for download and are for your personal use only.

A deposit is required to hold your space. Remainder is due March 1. If you make a deposit and need to cancel, if done so before March 1, you’ll receive a full refund minus $75 for admin. No refunds after March 1 for any reason.

Tuition Investment for Clear & Renew Ritual 

  • Special early rate before 2/15: $775.00
  • After 2/15: $975.00
  • A deposit of $325 will hold your reservation. The remainder will be due 3/1.
  • Last year, several participants were successful in using their health insurance to defray some program costs. Please reach out to me if you’d like to discuss this.
  • Last year we sold out quickly, so reserve your spot now. 


  • This program offers a whopping 32 non-contact YACEP hours for RYTs. Note that through 12/22 Yoga Alliance is allowing all non-contact hours to be reported as contact hours.
  • We’ve applied for pre-approval for 8.5 CEUs for RDNs through the CDR.
  • Yoga therapist? We will have that info for you shortly!  But we are a provider to the IAYT.

Tuition Investment for Clear & Renew Ritual plus CE add-on

  • Special early rate for program plus CEs – before 2/15: $1,175.00
  • After 2/15: $1,375.00Feel free to email Annie by responding to this email if you have questions or want to chat.

Have questions or want to chat about if this is right for you? Please give our fabulous administrator Jamie a call to set up a discovery chat with Annie.


Email Jamie at: assistantforanniebkay (at) gmail.com

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