Moving Grief with Courage: Quickeners Special Episode

Moving Grief with Courage: Quickeners Special Episode

Born a quad-Aries, I’ve always had access to courage. I’d like to say it’s been tempered by wisdom over time, but no, my fearlessness is as blind as it ever was. If I’ve learned anything about courage it’s the fact that to be brave, to be a warrior and strong, does require some emotional blinders. It requires integration later. For me, anyway.

Through this COVID-19 crisis, we are all carrying a decent amount of grief. We’ve lost great gigs and projects, but what many of us haven’t begun to feel is the magnitude of the people we’ve lost and are losing and will loose through this time.

This week, I created a special episode of my podcast Quickeners. It’s called Moving Grief with Courage. It provides a little warrior flow and some quotes from thinkers on how to cultivate courage in difficult times. There’s also a pdf. May you find it helpful.

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I also created a little handout to go with it – if you have not done a warrior posture I don’t know where you have gotten through this far without being subject to one – here is that handout. It goes with the podcast. May you enjoy it.

If you haven’t yet experienced Quickeners, I invite you to give it a listen. It is meant to inspire, and I hope it does.

Be well, my friends. Care for yourself and those around you.