This isn’t a nutrition post, or a health post really. Each winter, my husband and I are lucky enough to spend a few months on Kauai, HI. He’s a surfer, so our lives at times (most of the time, really) mold to that.
What strikes me is how much easier it is to follow a healthy lifestyle here than on the East Coast. There’s just so much more fresh organic produce. Daily life is just more physical here – opportunities to be active are just everywhere, and are more fun. On Nantucket, I have to drag myself to a class, run down the road, or do a cable-TV workout. Sorry to whine, but there’s just less zing to those activities, and they seem more isolated there. Here, our eyes, for some reason, are opened a little wider. Anyway, coming here saves my life on an annual basis.
This year, my 79-on-Saturday mom is here. (It was us, our cat, our surfboards, and my mom flying out here – like modern-day Beverly Hillbillies.) It’s been great and I cherish every day we get to spend with her – and she’s having a ball.
But it has kept me from work, and writing much that you’d actually want to read on this blog. So, hang in there. She heads back to the snow (which there is, finally) on the 15th, and I’m off to LA a few days later. Will blog from there hopefully, or at least when I get back.
I’ll never voluntarily give up coming here!
Happy travels. And, as my husband says, vacations are for those who take them.