Green is definitely the new black. But is going green a shopping fad or the seed of a deepening conscious movement? SUV hybrids? In my mind, it’s all good – the more people become aware of the issues and alternatives, the more people will realize that every choice they make initiates a ripple ’round the world. There are a growing number of high quality and inspirational sources for those who love great food but wonder if the American food-industrial-complex is the chemical cocktail it at times appears.
For starters, if you haven’t seen films, take a look. A funny, goofy presentation of an underlying truth in our modern food system. In addition to the films, they’ll link you in to resources for finding sustainable meats and other foods in your community through the Eating Well Guide, a comprehensive listing of sources for sustainable whole foods suppliers, chefs, restaurants, and farms.
What’s in that blue pill, anyway?
May you be healthy, happy and stand in the light of your own truest self.