Get ready for lots of new signage in your local grocery store – as reported in a NYTimes Article earlier this week, there are at least three rating systems under development to help consumers sift the wheat from the chaff as far as healthy choices go. The problem being that from what I can see, they only include packaged food. So, the healthiest foods in the grocery store – fresh fruits and vegetables – won’t be included. Why can I see how these undertakings will add to the confusion, while the smarties leading these efforts don’t?

Only when the healthiest foods -fruits and vegetables – are included, and the rating systems truly take into account all the aspects of what makes a food healthy – nutrient density, fiber, and freedom from chemical additives – only then will your best supermarket choices be obvious from a rating system. Until then, weighing brands of processed food will only add to the confusion and foster more unhealthy choices.
And until the day that your produce section is filled with gold stars, regardless of what these rating systems say, eating as many fresh unprocessed colorful fruits and vegetables as you possibly can is a great start. It’s as simple as that.
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PS – I just heard from Dr. Katz that the system he’s working on, the Overall Nutrition Quality Index WILL include fresh fruits and veggies. All right!