I think a lot about change and how to flow with it. From my own tendencies to nest and check out, to coaching people to change their diet or cope with the economics of escalating food prices, there can be so much discomfort in changing. At times it seems impossible.
That’s why I like this NYT article on some of the research around change. The author suggests that there are different intensities of change, and if we stretch with small improvements fairly consistently, we tend to be more resilient and more successful. That feels true to me, though having the energy to continue to stretch can be challenging – I think our human nature is more equipped to do big rapid changes, then backslide, then change again. In interviewing some of the MDs with big diet books, they tend to be into the big rapid change, and say that if people see the difference they’ll be motivate to sustain. The little change strategy is perhaps a good yogic daily approach, with an occasional transformation to inspire. Happy reading, and happy Mother’s Day.
Here is the article:  NYT Change Article