I admit it – I watch Law & Order. Actually, what I watch is the last half-hour when, like clockwork, it transitions from the street to the courtroom. I love rightous Jack – he reminds me of the passionate do-gooders from my public health days. And I do love knowing that no matter what, by the top of the hour, they’ll have a verdict and a moral. BUM-BUM.
I recently joined a writing bank called suite 101, and came across this article written by one of the other writers on the site. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen writes about psychology and health, and her report on a recent study suggesting that watching television shows that show or discuss murder make us dwell somewhere in our psyche on our own demise. That makes us nervous and that makes us eat.
I can’t say that how it happens in my own life, but take a read of her interesting piece here.