Do you ever feel like there’s so much wrong in the world, yet we’re on the verge of something extraordinary?
Then you have a friend in Foster Gamble, and you might consider joining his club at Thrive. In the movie available for viewing on the site, Gamble draws on everything from free energy, alien intervention, corporate conspiracy, and more to present a case for why we aren’t thriving as we could be in this world, and what we might do to move things along.
Go, Foster. Regardless of if the whole thesis is as well-researched and valid as presented or not, it’s great food for thought. I’m inspired – reaffirmed in my mission to decrease the suffering so many feel with regard to eating in this complex and toxic food environment, and with their own bodies.  I think Thrive may help you too in finding, or in reaffirming, part of your own life mission.