This year I was speaking at FNCE (the Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition), and a dietitian described a dilemma(a common one, I bet)  then asked a great question: she said she was encouraging her patients to do more conscious breathing, but find that they tend not to. She then asked if I knew of any resources to help people get started. Kripalu has a few breathing mp3s on their website.
But what a great idea, I thought!
Conscious breathing is a simple skill that is challenging to begin if you don’t have a regular yoga or meditation teacher. So, what I’ve done is one simple introductory video, that will cost you  or your patients/clients 5 minutes of time. Do you have 5 minutes to make your life better? Me too!
So, that inspired me to get my first video underway. I am just learning how to get a video made and uploaded to my blog, so please know it’s on its way – as in days.
Enjoy! And let me know what you think.
Handout: 5 minutes
Video: 5 minutes for conscious breathing