I am unapologetically affirmation driven!

I am developing quite a collection of eating affirmations and I’m on fire with them! So, here is my first installation.
I want to honor the incomparable mother of affirmations, Louise Hay, whose work has inspired me for years. These affirmations are my creative expression, but are also an homage to her and the thousands of people I have had the honor to work with over my decades of service as a yogini – dietitian – nutritionist. One affirmation – I digest my life with ease – is v close to one she has in her book You Can Heal Your Life. My intention is to honor her work and copyright, then reach deeper into my own creative space.

What’s your eating affirmation? Please share!

Please feel free also to share these images, just give me credit and link back to this site. Blessings! Go forth and prosper!
– Annie