Just sent out my monthly newsletter. This month, I wrote about three talented healers I’ve recently encountered who are all offering creative ways of dealing with the environmental crisis. I’ll be posting about it all month, and hope to hear from you. It is a challenging issue, but it’s high time we all do what we can to show up for Gaia – mother earth.
Here are a few ways to deepen your connection to Gaia:

  • As part of your morning ritual, say good morning to the trees, stones, grass and flowers outside.
  • Do a breathing exchange with a tree or plant.Here how to do it:
  1. Head outside, and choose a tree or a plant to connect with. Trees are powerful choices!
  2. Take a few moments to find your breath, find your center.
  3. Then, take a few moments to appreciate the plant you have chosen. Notice how lovely it is!
  4. As you exhale, become aware of the tree or plant inhaling CO2.
  5. Become aware of the plant exhaling O2 as you inhale.
  6. Do this for a few minutes.Thank the plant for the experience.
  • Have a conversation with a tree or plant. I found, once I got more connected with plants, that particularly with the trees, I spent a lot of time apologizing to them. That was helpful! I apologized for the times I was unaware, an the ways I did not stay connected to the world around me. That helped with my own grief at the impending extinction.