Herbal Culinary Book Review by Annie B Kay - anniebkay.com
Do you have a friend who cooks like an angel, is both well educated and down to earth, and has just written her first fantastic book? Me too! Full disclosure, this author is a friend and colleagues. I would not, however, steer you wrong, and Brittany Wood Nickerson is a fresh voice with a truly beautifully handy offering.
Recipes from the Herbalist's KitchenRecipes from The Herbalists’s Kitchen: Delicious Nourishing Food for Lifelong Health and Well-Being is gorgeous, and, as the best cookbooks are, is an extension of the author. When I read Brittany’s thoughts on food as medicine and the home herbal kitchen, it’s as if I’m there in her garden, being lovingly served delicious morsels in the sun. I kid you not, she’s that good.
Ms. Wood Nickerson takes you into modern day herbalism. She dries flower and herbs, makes vinegars and pickles and makes it all seem as natural as – well, as I imagine it was to great-grandmother. Brittany has her own herbal online training and offers an apprenticeship in home herbalism that has many happy alums. Check it out!
The hardcover, 303-page book bursts with 4-color photos of scrumptious snacks, entrees, drinks and desserts designed to meet the body’s needs for comfort, nourishment, energy and seasonal support. Specific herbs are introduced along with their medicinal use, and readers are shown how herbalists make tinctures, vinegars, herbal honeys and other herbal folk medicines that happen to be delicious and effective.
The culinary perspective is ancestral, so includes meat and other animal foods, baked goods, and natural sweeteners as well as bountiful fruits and vegetables and, of course, herbs.
Ready to be inspired by a fresh approach to traditional herbal cooking and healing? Recipes from The Herbalist’s Kitchen introduces you to a truly endearing expert, chef and healer, and a collection of inspiring seasonal fare.
Herbal Culinary Book Review by Annie B Kay - anniebkay.com